Services We Offer

Hachik helps you exceed the expectations of your customers.

From high-quality products and parts, to dedicated customer support, special orders and more, the Hachik team is here to support you.

Wide Range of Products

Enjoy a extensive variety of products from the nation’s leading manufacturers, showcased in our 200+ page catalog and ready to ship to you.

Extensive Parts Inventory

Our 800+ page Parts Encyclopedia details thousands of the most common, as well as some of the most uncommon, parts you need for your customers. And, you can now order parts for popular products online.

Competitive Pricing

The more you commit to purchase from us the bigger the discount we can offer you.

A Dedicated Customer Support Team

Our customer support team is the envy of the industry, with years of experience directly in our industry – including service, retail and building. We will help you locate whatever you need.

Fast and Easy Ordering

Online at, or by phone or fax.

Special Orders

Special orders are never a problem for our Order Desk staff who know how to get you what you need, fast.

Order Confirmations and Back Order Reports

Receive confirmations and back-order reports online instantly, via email confirmation or by fax within minutes.

Monthly Purchase Reports

Provided free to assist you with your planning and early buy ordering.

Hachik Resource Team

We are here to help you with your inventory selection, provide computer support and suggest marketing ideas. We will even help you with store layout and design.

Workshops and Seminars

We offer workshops and seminars throughout the year to train you and your employees on new products and other industry innovations.

Technical Assistance

You’ll always get help from an expert. Our representatives who have the know-how to answer your questions and solve your problems – no matter how simple or technical.

Experience You Can Use

Direct from people who have built and serviced pools and spas.

Hachik VIP Rewards Program

Our VIP program offers you one of the industry’s leading Volume Incentive Programs that can bring you even more Dealer Benefits including a fun-filled Caribbean getaway.

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